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Chapter 10

When I woke up and opened my eyes, Karen was staring right at me. It was clear she had been watching me sleep for a while. She looked so beautiful in the morning light. She was lying on her side with her arms pressing her bare breasts together, creating a very enticing cleavage. I hate to admit it but I was looking right at her boobs for a little longer than I maybe should have. She didn’t seem to mind though. In fact, she just giggled and sighed, pulling my face into her chest as she tousled my hair.

“Good morning sweetie. How did you sleep?”

“Ya know, probably better than I’ve slept in years” I muffled through her cleavage. “And this isn’t a bad way to wake up either.”

She giggled again at this and started buffeting my face back and forth with her breasts. “Oh really? I’ll be sure to remember that then. But I should probably put some clothes on.”

And yet, Karen didn’t even get out of bed. She just laid there with her hands wrapped at the back of my head, pulling me in closer to her bosom.

I waited for a moment before saying, “Well, are you going to just conjure some of out thin air?”

“Mm, something like that, yeah.” 

At that moment, I started feeling that same tingling sensation and I immediately knew what I was in for. After all, I had already experienced this once before. My arms and legs, now hairless, had been coated in what looked like pink silk. My chest then followed suit, pink and soft.  

Because I was on my side, the shrinking felt different than last time. I seemed to be closing in on myself, drawing towards my center, rather than shrinking towards the ground. And then something weird happened (by which, I mean weirder than usual): I split at the waist into two distinct pieces.

The transformation carried on per usual after that. My head shrank in towards my body, my vision suddenly went dark, my chest exploded out into two round cups, my arms thinned out into narrow straps, and my back flattened up against my chest. Same as before. Meanwhile, my legs drew up until they were just a narrow band of cloth around my hollow torso.

I was a bra… and panties. From as best I could tell, my bottom half had become a skimpy, lacy, pink v-string. 

“You know Eric, even though I was freaked out and pissed when Amy did this to you, I gotta admit, I was a little turned on and kinda looking forward to wearing you myself. And when you revealed your interest in possibly being my panties, I knew it was only a matter of time before we tried this. By the way, feel free to ask for this any time you want. I’ll always let you be my sexy lingerie.” She stretched out the last sentence, adding a sultry, breathy quality to her voice. “Speaking of which, we gotta get to a beach soon. Just me and my itty bitty bikini…”

I couldn’t speak but I heard every word she said… and I had the fabric equivalent of a massive hard-on. Apparently, Karen could sense my arousal as she wasted no time in putting me on. The moment her amazing flesh entered my cups, I began squeezing and suckling her breasts; I couldn’t help myself! But when she slid those panties up her deliciously long legs and finally settled them into place around her pelvis, I discovered that I could eat her out while simultaneously sucking on her nipples. It was a little like patting your head and rubbing your stomach, but eventually, I had settled into a rhythm.

“Oooohh, that feels so good! Wow, I had no idea you were so coordinated! Is this what you were doing to Amy that one time?! If I had known that it felt this wonderful, I wouldn’t have gotten so upset with you. By the way, you may notice I made a slight change to my boobs. They’re now 36DD, just like your tag says. Do you like them?”

Unable to respond, I simply strengthened my resolve and attacked her with a renewed vigor.

Karen immediately gasped and began frigging herself which I could definitely feel and which only further turned me on. My panties half was essentially wedged between the folds of her pussy. Her ministrations, mixed with mine, felt like a pleasurable feedback loop that seemed to never stop. When Amy turned me into her bra, I remember not having much of a sense of time, so ten minutes of this pleasure-inducing mutual play seemed like hours. Eventually though, I had exhausted myself and had no choice but to stop. Karen, after almost a dozen orgasms, took note and started to calm down.

“Aww, is my bra and panties all tired out? Does he want to be turned back into a human and have some human fun?” she cooed, while jiggling her me-encased breasts. I responded the only way I could, by lightly licking her vagina.

“Woo! After that, I don’t know, I might need a couple more rounds of this.” But somehow, she sensed my pleading, so she took me off. After a few moments of tingling buzzing, I began expanding back into what must’ve looked like a slowly-growing, fuzzy, pink sex doll. When I regained my senses, I noticed that although I was human once again, I was of the female persuasion and I was naked.

“Karen!” I whined, noting the familiar change in my voice.

“What? I didn’t say I would turn you back into a man, I only said HU-man,” stressing the first syllable of the word while she playfully poked my breasts.

“Okay… mind telling me how long I’m gonna be stuck like this today? Because eventually, I’m gonna want to have actual sex with my very crafty, busty girlfriend, and I’m gonna want that to involve a penis.”

“Well, that can definitely be arranged, Erica.”

“…and I meant me having the penis!” I immediately replied, knowing exactly what Karen had in mind. I definitely wasn’t ready for that... or maybe I was, which frightened me more somehow. “By the way, and I’m definitely not complaining, but what’s gotten into you?”

“Alright alright, you win. If you want, I’ll turn you back sometime this afternoon, deal? I just miss hanging out with Erica is all, it hasn’t been just us two girls since before that sleepover. Plus, I’m finally ready to have all sorts of Amy-approved fun with my boyfriend, even though that may not be the correct term at present.”

“Amy-approved fun, huh? So, you won’t get mad if I ask for a few changes to Erica?” 

“Not at all! Ask away!” 

“Alright, inspired by your newly-endowed figure, how about you make Erica’s breasts a little bigger.” A couple weeks ago, I would’ve been ashamed and way too shy to ask for that request but after all that I’d been through, it seemed as natural to me as asking for a bigger cock.

“You got it!” Karen said, wriggling her nose – a nod to my favorite television witch – which resulted in a noticeable jiggle in her boobs.

Instantly, I began to feel my breasts swell. I clutched them excitedly in my hands, absolutely giddy to take advantage of this sensation. The first time, I was so caught off-guard that I was almost terrified to even touch them. But this time, I was more than ready and willing. I started furiously fondling my growing boobies, overwhelmed by the sensation.

“Oh, so you want to enjoy the growth, do you? Let me see what I can do to help.” I saw Karen wiggle her fingers at me and my already-sensitive breasts suddenly felt like they were throbbing with pleasure. I could tell my pussy was dripping. Karen slid over next to me and put her hands over mine, helping me massage my oh-so-very-wonderful boobs. She then pushed my hands away and squinted her eyes, in pretend focus. She held her fingers on my nipples and mimed tuning them, as if they were dials on a radio. Instantly, my nipples got so unbelievably sensitive that I had a spontaneous orgasm and started gushing. Karen quickly locked her lips onto mine in order to mute the sound of my intense moaning. I swear, I must’ve unloaded at least a pint of fluid between my legs. And when Karen slowly descended towards my downstairs area with a devilish smile on her face, I actually scooted away in fear, my eyes as wide as dinner plates. I was still experiencing the aftershocks of that first orgasm and I honestly didn’t know if I could handle that much pleasure. However, Karen snapped her fingers and I was suddenly frozen. My boobs were still pulsing and growing and I could feel everything, but I couldn’t move. I could only watch through wide eyes as Karen crawled towards me, my heart beating like a hummingbird’s.

“Shh, I promise, this won’t hurt a bit. You might even enjoy it.” she said, that same wicked smile plastered across her face. And with that, she gradually lowered her head, and stuck her tongue out, millimeter by millimeter, until finally, it made contact with my now extra-sensitive clit.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” Even though I couldn’t speak, my mind was screaming at the top of its lungs as Karen was blasted in the face with squirt after squirt of my honey. If I hadn’t been frozen, I might’ve broken my back from such a powerful orgasm. To be fair, Karen was right: it hadn’t hurt at all, but the mind-blowing explosion I felt surging throughout my entire body was enough to make me black out.

When I came to, it wasn’t Karen leaning over me; it was two E-cup breasts encased in a red tanktop that I instantly recognized as – 

“Amy!” I immediately tried to cover up with my hands but my own breasts were so large by this point, probably a G-cup, that it didn’t make much of a difference.

“So! You two finally decided to have some real fun” she said, removing my hands and squeezing my enhanced melons. “While I’m happy that Karen finally got that stick surgically removed from her butt, I’m kinda offended you didn’t come to me first. I told you if there was anything I could do for you, all you had to do was ask. That offer’s still on the table, by the way.”

I didn’t know exactly what to say. In fact, I was a little embarrassed to be found this way in front of Amy, especially if she knew how much I had enjoyed it. She seemed to have read my mind.

“After all, from the sound of that orgasm, you must’ve been longing to do that for a while. And believe me, I would’ve been only too happy to provide that for you. Literally. Any. Time.” 

Yikes, my face was probably beet-red by that point. “Oh, uh, thanks Amy, but I think Karen’s got me covered at least for today.”

I didn’t even realize until she spoke up that Karen was still in the room, standing quietly off to the side, her face equally as red.

“Oh no! Eric, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot! I told Kristin that I would hang out with her today!”

Karen and Kristin? I could only guess what topic of conversation would come up: me… likely me as a girl… or a girl’s lingerie. “Oh. Um, no problem, that’s okay. I actually have some stuff I should probably catch up on while you’re gone.”

“No no, you should be allowed to have fun while I’m gone.”

“Really? You? Fun? Who are you and what have you done with Karen?” Amy drolled, dripping with sarcasm.

“You know what Amy? Fine. Time to put your money where your mouth is. While I’m gone, I want you to hang out with Eric and do with him –” at this, Amy’s ears perked up and she literally did a double take.

“…whatever HE wants. Okay? It has to be Eric’s idea. In fact, we’ll cast a spell to make sure that number one, he doesn’t pull back on his desires because of me and number two, you can’t do anything to him that he doesn’t wanna do.”

Amy was beaming. “Oh ho, fine by me. That shouldn’t be a problem; I know there are literally hundreds of things Eric’s wanted to do with me, to me, on me, inside me, etc. since he first moved in.” 

If I still had my penis, it would be diamond hard just from hearing those words. Karen, my girlfriend, who I had just shared something deep and meaningful, learned all of her innermost desires, secrets, and worries, was giving me carte blanche with her own sister, someone who she frequently cursed at and despised?! Also, if I understood the spell correctly, it would actually encourage me to act on my desires? What kind of sick joke was this? Was it a test? I had to play it cool. 

“Karen, are you positive you’re okay with this?”

“Absolutely Eric. After everything we shared last night, and then this morning, I trust you completely. Plus, I kinda owe you this one, don't I? He’s all yours, Amy… until I say time’s up.”

They cast their spell together and I felt a pleasant tingle wash over my entire body like a tiny wave. That’s when my mind started to go to naughty places and my nether region started to get a little warm. 

I just stood there with Amy for a good five minutes, feeling myself getting hornier and hornier, in a state of almost shock arousal, Amy completely eager to get started, while Karen got dressed, did her makeup, grabbed her keys, kissed me on the cheek, gave my butt a quick smack, whispered “Have fun,” and was out the door.

Amy slowly crossed over to me, a devious grin forming. “So tiger, what’s it gonna be? We have hours to kill, I’m sure there’s something we can do while we wait for whoever that was to get back.”

“Listen Amy, I don’t know about this. I mean, Karen and I just had a major breakthrough with the whole water nymph thing and as tempting as the offer sounds, I really don’t wanna mess things up in the first 24 hours of our real relationship.”

“Oh please! Trust me, this isn’t a test. You’re fine! Karen wouldn’t have suggested a spell if she weren’t 100% serious. C’mon! Besides, we might as well get started before the spell makes you do something… rash.”

And with a snap of her fingers, Amy made her clothes disappear. It was then I realized: this is the first time I’m seeing Amy naked. And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t even have the right equipment! Of course, I had carried her breasts that one time but I hadn’t actually gotten to see them. In any case, Amy’s body was even more divine than I had imagined. Those sumptuous breasts that had occupied many of my more recent dreams were full, round, and yet perky, as if gravity had yet to even notice them. Her areolas were just the right size, capped with tiny, little eraser nipples that seemed to be perpetually hard. Her waist tapered tantalizingly down past her flat tummy where it swelled into a truly lovely pair of hips. And lo and behold, there was Amy’s legendary maidenhood, completely shaved, save for a glaringly obvious landing strip. Was it my imagination or did it kind of resemble an arrow pointing towards her… 

“Oh my goddess! Wait a minute – is this your first time actually seeing me naked?!” She briefly looked down at her chest, then to my crotch, then back up at my face, which was gazing intently at her boobs. “They’re really something, huh Eric?”

I froze, clearly caught staring. “Um, well yes, they are very big… and round… and beautiful… I’m- I’m sorry.” I couldn’t believe it! My brain had obviously severed the link to my tongue. I couldn’t formulate a single coherent thought! 

“Aw, that’s so sweet… would you like to touch them?” 

“Oh! Um, no, that’s okay, t-thank you though.” I literally almost broke my neck trying to look away.

“Come ON, Eric! Karen’s not even here! Besides, this is what us girls do all the time! Here, I promise, they don’t bite.” When I glanced back, she was leaning forward, jiggling them in her hands, clearly offering them up for my exclusive gratification. 

Fuck! I was trying so hard to be a good boyfriend to Karen but this spell was really testing my willpower. My hands almost felt magnetically drawn to Amy’s breasts. It was so bizarre – here I was, with my own glorious set of tits, much bigger than Amy’s were and yet, I couldn’t enjoy them! For some reason, I only wanted Amy’s! Thankfully, she let me off the hook.

“Fine, I can see you're having a tough time getting started. We’ll table this… for now. Anyway, so what’ll it be? You want regular ol’ me? Or, I could be your cartoon fantasy.”  Another snap, and suddenly, she was Jessica Rabbit, right down to the long, scarlet hair, shimmering red ballroom gown, and silk purple gloves. Oh yeah, and enormous tits. “Maybe you’d like one of your celebrity crushes.” Another snap, this time, she was Hitomi Tanaka, a J-cup Japanese model I was infatuated with, wearing a tight magenta tanktop (no bra) and a pair of white short shorts. How could she even know?! “Mm, or knowing you, you’d rather see Hitomi as Tifa.” Another snap, and her outfit changed to mimic the Asian bombshell from Final Fantasy: the iconic white tanktop, black mini skirt, and suspenders that famously framed her huge boobs. By this point, I was actually drooling, my mouth hung open as wide as possible. This went on for a while, Amy trying on different looks as if on shuffle mode, every one of them one of my biggest fantasies: Power Girl. Zatanna. Rangiku. I figure she must’ve hacked my computer because all of them were characters with large breasts. Or maybe she just knew me that well. One more snap, and she was back to naked Amy.

“Or, maybe it’s more of a fetish I can fulfill for you. I see you and Karen wasted no time with the breast expansion fantasy. Although not quite in the way I expected…” she said while giving my still-enormous boobs another firm squeeze. Throbbbb. “What about a different fetish? Would you like me to shrink you down and carry you around in my cleavage for the day?” she offered while pushing her boobs together with her hands. “Or ya know, I could turn you into my vibrator and have a marathon sesh with you, exploring all my nooks and crannies… Or maybe there’s a particular roleplay scenario you’d like to act out.” 

At this point, she flicked through different outfits, each more risqué than the last: librarian, teacher, schoolgirl, French maid, lady cop, Baywatch lifeguard, Playboy bunny, and finally, for good measure, a sexy witch.

This was killing me. Every fantasy I had ever conceived, practically the world of sex at my fingertips, my inhibitions magically lowered by a spell, and yet, my conscience was still holding me back. I knew I shouldn’t do anything sexual with Amy, no matter how much permission Karen gave me. But then, as if on cue, my mind flashed back to my time with Anna and Robin, when Anna had transformed herself into a centaur and suddenly, I figured out a loophole where I could still get something I wanted and maybe trick my damn libido into calming down; however, it was the kind of something that probably wouldn’t hurt Karen’s feelings as much. 

“I think I got it, Amy.”

“Oooo, tell me, tell me!” she said, bouncing up and down, so much excitement in her voice. 

“I want you to turn me into a horse.” 

“Really? That’s it? I mean, your one shot to do anything you want with the hot, big-titted witch next door and that’s what you pick? What fun is that for me?”

“I’ll let you ride me…” I offered, hoping that would cheer her up. 

Amy’s face brightened at this and with one more snap of her fingers, she was outfitted in a pair of Daisy Dukes, a gingham push-up bra, and a white cowboy hat. “Yeeeeha! Well let’s get to it, partner. …Although I reckon we should do this outside."

She snapped her fingers and we were instantly transported to the family farm, the one Anna had taken me and Robin to. 

I looked around, still a little shocked from traveling over 30 miles in a second. We seemed to have teleported to the field right by the lake. Why hadn’t I teleported more often with Karen or Anna? Maybe they hadn’t mastered that level of magic yet. While I was distracted looking around, Amy had magically forced me onto all fours and climbed on top of my back. “Alright, y’all ready to be a horsey?”

Before I could even say “Amy, wait–” she smacked my pert ass and I started to feel my body changing and shifting. I guess the spell reasoned that it already had my consent.

My hands starting changing into hooves first, with coarse brown hair growing over my arms. My torso swelled and grew, while my breasts receded into my now-barrel chest, with my shoulders shifting to better support the weight on my forelegs. My neck and face elongated, becoming equine. I could feel my long, blonde, female hair straighten into a chestnut mane while a brown tail burst from my tailbone. My legs lengthened and grew more powerful until I could stand on four legs. I also noticed that I was back to being male, as evidenced by the pretty sizable cock between my hind legs. Hung like a horse, indeed.

When the transformation was complete, I snorted, and flicked my tail. "Oh, wow!" Amy gasped from atop my back. "You make such a lovely horse!" She dismounted me and walked around slowly to get a better look before stroking my mane. I took this opportunity to smell and nuzzle her hair. Her heavenly fragrance momentarily distracted me from what she said next so she giggled as she brushed my fur. “I said, I do good work, don’t I?”

When I tried to respond, all that came out was a whinny. So Amy pressed her hand against my neck and I felt my throat change. “Try it now” she said.

"How's this?" I asked.

"There we go!" She grinned and hugged my neck. "Mmm, a talking horse. Didn’t know you had a Mr. Ed fantasy." I simply responded by licking her abundant cleavage with my elongated tongue. (I figured Karen couldn’t fault me for that, given my current form.)

“Mmm, I knew you’d come around.” Her fingers ran through my mane, then reached up and scratched my ears. After a moment, she grabbed my mane and had swung herself onto my back. "Thought I might have to levitate, you’re almost too tall for me to do that!" I gave an equine snort of surprise as I felt her legs squeeze my sides as she settled on my back. Her weight then shifted as a saddle magically appeared underneath her, the cinch tightening around my new barrel-like belly. I could taste metal as a bit forced its way between my teeth. I felt straps forming around my long muzzle that connected themselves to the bit. I shook my head at the strange sensation and felt reins lightly slapping against my neck.

Amy gave a delighted laugh and tugged a bit on the reins before patting my neck and saying, "Maybe if you're a good horsey, we can try this without the bit, but for now..." that’s when I felt two dull pokes at my flanks and heard Amy yell "Giddyup!"

I was so startled that I just took off into a trot, not too fast, but a good pace to start with.

Amy was amused for maybe a minute before she snapped the reins and said, “Come on Eric, put your back into it, let’s really open ‘er up!”

“Yes ma’am” I replied. I mustered every bit of strength I had and bolted, speeding up until I was in a full gallop. It was exhilarating: the feelings from my body as my improved muscles tightened and released, the wind blowing through my mane, the grip of Amy’s smooth, creamy thighs on my sides. 

I started to feel all of my cares and worries melt away as Amy spurred me on. And let’s be honest: having a hot girl like Amy gyrating on my back didn’t hurt.

Finally, after a good long while, Amy pulled back on the reins a bit. “Whoa boy…” Amy said as I slowed down. “There’s a good horsey…” she giggled and patted my neck.

“Listen Amy…” I said, panting a bit. “Could you take it easy with those reins? They’re a bit annoying,” I said, catching my breath.

Amy laughed, shrugging. “Sorry. Guess I’m just used to controlling my men. Speaking of which, remind me to show you the collar when we get home.” Then she grinned mischievously. “I gotta admit though, you do make a magnificent looking horse…” she winked, continuing to stroke my neck.

“Mmmmmm… that does feel good” I said as Amy brushed my mane.

“So, ready for another ride, fella? Or is there something else you’d like to try?”

“Actually, there is another thing I’d like to try. Could you maybe give me wings?”

“What, you mean like a Red Bull? Just kidding. A Pegasus, huh? Yeah, I think I can manage that. In fact, I haven’t gone flying in months – this’ll be fun!” 

She rubbed my fur sensually until I noticed it turning white and a pair of brilliant, white wings beginning to flare out.

“Wow. You’re even prettier as a Pegasus! I gotta take a picture of this and send it to Anna and Karen.” With that, she magically produced her iPhone and snapped a quick picture of me looking very surprised. “Look… who… finally… decided… to… play… along. Jealous… much?” she read aloud while texting.

After tucking her phone away in her bra, she furrowed her brow and tapped her chin. “Ya know, I think I might need a different getup for this.” With a wave, her outfit had transformed from the farmer’s daughter look into a glittering white toga that left one shoulder bare and showed off part of her cleavage. Her cowboy boots had changed into gladiator sandals and she had a crown of laurels and gold leaf around her forehead. “There, that’s much more appropriate, don’t you think?”

I could only stare with my mouth wide open. Amy was stunning! There was an actual glow around her! Amy giggled at my obvious reaction and just patted my nose before mounting my back once more. “Wait Amy. I don’t know how to fly.”

“Oh Eric, it’s easy. After you get a running start, just feel around for where your wings are and imagine them flapping up and down. Your body will know what to do.”

“Whatever you say, my goddess.”

“Flatterer. Just for that, you’re getting a makeover. Don’t think I didn’t notice that big erection underneath, you dirty, naughty horse. Are you really that turned on by my outfit? Just remember, you asked for this. You could’ve opted to instead be my outfit, or this outfit could be on your bedroom floor right now, or so many other possibilities, but no – you wanted to be a horse. So, as consequence for your boring imagination, and because I just love teasing you, I’m gonna give you a horsey makeover.”

And with that, she spread her hands across my fur, turning my body pink and ultimately, back to female. I could feel my sheath draw up inside my body and turn into a vagina. My fur and wings were now pink while my mane and tail were platinum blonde. I was basically a Pegasus bimbo.

“Ah, much better, wouldn’t you say, Pegasissy? Wouldn’t want you getting any naughty ideas about what you’d like to do to this goddess, now would we?”

I knew she was taunting me but I was also kinda relieved to be a female horse. Even though I was still crazy horny and turned on by Amy, the temptation had been killing me when I had male hormones and male equipment.  

“Alright, enough teasing. What do you say we get you off the ground? Whenever you’re ready, go for it.”

“Whew. Okay.” This was exciting. I narrowed my eyes, grinning. I swiftly took off sprinting, with Amy clutching my neck, her boobs pressing against my back. After maybe a hundred feet, I searched around for my wings and focused my attention into that area of my body, mentally picturing them beating up and down. Suddenly, I could actually feel the air moving between them and before I knew it, I had lifted off of the ground. This took me by surprise, so when I looked down, I momentarily lost focus, but Amy brought me back, rubbing my neck.

“You’re doing fine, Eric, or should I say Erica. Just keep that motion going and soon it’ll become second nature. Then you can try gliding.” 

By this point, we were at least 50 feet in the air. I know this might sound cliché, but it really is amazing how small things quickly become, especially when you’re the one doing the flying.

“Amy? I probably should’ve asked this before taking off, but are we in any danger of being seen by other people?”

“Ha! That’s adorable. No silly, no one’s gonna see us. I put a charm around the farm to ward off preying eyes. Even if someone happened to be in the vicinity – which is highly unlikely – and was looking right at us, all they’d see is clouds and sky.” 

Phew! Now that I knew we were safe from being discovered and since I’d gotten a little more used to the whole flying thing, I started attempting more advanced aerial maneuvers: drifting, turning, even a loop-the-loop (after giving Amy plenty of warning). Though I suspected that even if I hadn’t warned her, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Amy was up here and unlike before, didn’t even have the protection of a saddle. My gut told me this wasn’t her first sky-rodeo.

We flew around for maybe an hour, which still didn’t seem long enough, before I wondered, “Should we give Karen a call?”

“Don’t worry, I texted her that we were out at the farm, behaving ourselves. She knows. I even invited her to join us after she finished with Kristin.” 

“Oh, okay. Still, I think my muscles are getting pretty tired. Do you mind if I take us in for a landing?”

Amy giggled, kissed my neck, and said, “Not at all, darling. We can think of other ways to kill time before Karen gets here.”

I chuckled at the idea and in my best flight attendant voice, said “Ladies and witches, we are now beginning our initial descent into the farm. Please fasten your seatbelts and return your tray tables to their locked position. And thank you for flying Pegasus Air.”

Amy just rolled her eyes at my awful joke.

Once we had landed safely in the same field, Amy dismounted, changed back into her street clothes, and did her magic, transforming me back into… human Erica. I actually wasn’t disappointed at all, Erica was really starting to grow on me.

“Thank you, Amy. That was really fun. I know I sometimes give you a hard time, and you tease me mercilessly, but I want you to know that I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done together, or I guess I should say, you’ve done to me. You’re right, I can honestly say my life has been infinitely more interesting since meeting you and your sisters.” 

“Well, you are more than welcome. It’s been my pleasure, Eric, in more ways than one. Didn’t I tell you, sometimes you need me to make your life interesting, even if you don’t think so at the time,” she offered, while reaching out to honk both my breasts. 

She was definitely right. After all, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy, at least in some way, every bit of magic Amy had thrown at me so far. I might’ve never known Erica if it wasn’t for her.

“By the way, I know what you’re doing. You could’ve asked for anything, knowing not only that I would be forced to oblige, but that I’ve been secretly aching to do dirty, dirty things to you for weeks. Instead, you chose to ask for a simple animal transformation. I mean I admit, this has been fun and kinda sexy in its own way, but I know that you did it just so you didn’t feel like you were cheating on Karen. And I think that’s really sweet. You must care about her a lot. Not a lot of people would go through with a water nymph ceremony for Karen, much less turn down a chance to be with allllll this.” She slid her hands all the way down her body, stopping to cup her ample breasts and rub her mound.

“Anyway, I just wanted to say I really respect your integrity and loyalty to my sister. But know this: we WILL fuck at some point today and it WILL be legendary.”

There was once this incredible story called The Fifth Roommate by Joodoo, I believe. It was about a kid who moves in with four sisters who turn out to be witches. And as you would expect, hilarity and sexual misadventures ensue. I enjoyed it so much, I thought it was a travesty that there wasn't more. So here's my humble attempt at continuing the story right where we left off... with Chapter 10. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
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